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Dr. Grace Totoe

MD,FACP: Internal Health Medical Doctor

Dr. Grace Totoe is a remarkable individual who wears multiple hats – she is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but also serves as the medical director of Minneapolis Health Clinic and is the visionary behind the nonprofit Totoe Health Equity Project. Her mission is to promote health equity among minority communities, with a special focus on African immigrants. Through her clinic and nonprofit, she works tirelessly to bridge the healthcare disparities faced by these communities, emphasizing the importance of preventive care and lifestyle changes to combat chronic diseases.

Dr. Totoe's educational background speaks volumes about her dedication to excellence. After completing her training in internal medicine at the prestigious Yale University Internal Medicine Primary Care Program at St. Mary’s Hospital in CT, she pursued a fellowship in transfusion medicine at the University of Minnesota. Continuously seeking growth and knowledge, she holds business certifications from the esteemed Harvard Business Online School in health strategy and public leadership. Additionally, she is currently completing a course in racial disparities in health care and health economics, showcasing her commitment to staying informed on critical issues in the medical field.

Dr. Grace Totoe
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