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Character is Key

When we're going after purpose, we have to make sure that we have integrity and be the type of person others want to be around and aspire to be. A lot of us are going after our career goals as well as our business goals and from a career perspective, your character is what opens doors for you. It's what opens up opportunities for you to get promotions.

Your character is what people refer to you as around your offices. This is very important. You cannot be in a workplace and have the character of somebody who doesn't care about others, who has this crab-in-a-barrel way of thinking where you want to pull others down to get up. You may think you're getting away with your bad character for a while, but it does catch up to you.

No matter who you are, it really hurts to find out when you’ve created a reputation for yourself that's not so good when you ACTUALLY find out what people truly think about you. It's not that we want to live our lives according to what people think about us, but when it comes to character, that's important because we are all held accountable for our life and the actions we take, the way we live, and how we impact others.

A great Proverb says, ‘Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.’ That’s the truth; you will be found out. You're going to be held accountable; those character traits will catch up.

Also, be careful of the company you keep. ‘Be not deceived; evil company corrupts good habits.’ (another good scripture gem!). We are trying to get to our purpose, folks; and being around people with bad character begins to rub off on you and that can definitely get you off your path. I don't care how strong you are, if you are around somebody who does not have good character, eventually, that could rub off on you. And before you know it, negative behavior begins to exhibit in your character.

As you are going towards your purpose, trying to build your business, you have to have a huge amount of faith, especially with the times we're living in and what we're seeing out there. You need to be around people who are gonna push you, who are gonna speak highly of you and lift you up; who are not scheming behind your back, talking bad about you, and just not wishing you well. You have to be around good people because we just need it. We need to be encouraged. Your environment is key when you are pushing and moving toward your purpose.

Lastly, following the simple rule of treating others the way you want to be treated will go a long way. Every time you make a decision as somebody going towards your purpose that affects other people, it's a stamp that you're leaving.

Remember, ‘it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.’ What kind of stamp do you want to leave behind?

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