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Goodness of God

As people who are going after our purpose, there are things I want to be very real with you about on that journey. The first is being rooted in your faith. If you're not rooted in your faith, if you have nothing to anchor yourself to in those tough and, at times, beautiful moments, you'll lose sight of why you're on this journey and then you'll let so many other things come and snatch your purpose. Before you know it, you'll lose your kindness or your pureness of heart or your authenticity because you'll start to reshape and recalibrate yourself to be something that you didn't even start off as. When you're rooted in your faith, you have a reference point.

There are times that I thank God for His grace and His ability to help me stay rooted in my faith. Sometimes I start to veer away from certain things that I know I need on a daily basis because of business. But when you're building something, don't let your career or your business or anything that comes into your life on this journey of purpose take you away from that anchor in your faith. We need that. You must be rooted in your faith; it’s your GPS, your guide. It will tell you to go left or right. It will tell you whether to take that opportunity or not.

My faith is rooted in God. He is my compass. The Holy Spirit, Jesus, guides me and shows me the way. And even though my business partners and the people I work with come from different backgrounds and faiths, I have the opportunity to learn, love, and connect with people from all walks of life. Not everyone will have the same beliefs as you, but when you have conviction and your compass to guide you, you can journey forth with respect, dignity, and understanding.

Everybody has favor. God gives us all favor when we ask Him for it. But favor is not fair because it sets us apart. You have a purpose, and that purpose has favor for you. Don't doubt your gift, your calling. Don't think that just because many people are doing the same thing, you won't stand out. Favor and grace separate you from the rest. People may try to imitate or compete with you, but they won't have the same outcome because of the favor and grace on your life. Embrace your uniqueness and have confidence in it.

Lastly, stay humble. We can easily get caught up in our success and forget that it can be fleeting. Remember that our journeys can change in an instant. There are so many stories out there of people who started high and ended up in challenging circumstances. Humility keeps us grounded, grateful, and aware of the blessings we have. Let's always stay humble and treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of their background or status.

These are the things that have helped me on my journey, and I encourage you to keep them in mind as well. I haven't mastered everything yet, but I believe in continuous learning and growth. Stay rooted in your faith, embrace the favor and grace on your life, and always remain humble. Together, let's continue to excel and make a positive impact in the world.

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