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Love Yourself - Reject Everything Else

As we go after our purpose, daily input, business, career, and beyond, we must remember that you have to also put ourselves first. You want to love yourself in a way it exudes to every area of your life and you can enjoy all your significant achievements. Here are some ways you can start by doing so

Be confident in yourself

Loving yourself will help you exude confidence that says I know who I am and I am comfortable with being me. Be comfortable with the skin you're in, no matter where you're from, who you are, or what you look like. We have to love ourselves and that is what others will be drawn to! From childhood, I just had a gift of confidence and faith in who I was. I always stood up for myself. I always loved who I was. There may have been things I didn't like as a young person, growing up, and going through changes but overall, I've always been very confident in who I was. It was not arrogance but the ability to love myself - imperfections and all.

Be comfortable with just being yourself

Be silly with yourself. Be bold with yourself. Look in the mirror, and joke with yourself. Be okay to just hang out with you. So many of us need a whole crowd to feel fun and excitement and to be lively but you should be comfortable enough with yourself. You should be able to sit quietly and just really think about why you think the way you do and embrace some of the creative ways God has had you think and lay things out for your life.

Take care of yourself physically

So many times we forget about taking that time for ourselves, that time where we can just love and build ourselves up and not put anything else before ourselves. Don't put anything else before yourself and start being intentional with your self-care. Get sleep! (Something I’m still pushing to get, 8 hrs a night!)

Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate what makes you different, what sets you apart, and what makes you beautiful. That‘s the great thing we sometimes forget to do.

Don't allow anyone to steal your joy.

It's all you have to hold onto, to look forward to, and it's the one thing that will make you love yourself. When you have joy, with fun within, you could look at yourself and just be so proud and be able to say, ‘I love who I am.’

Never change things to please people. Be comfortable and happy with who you are because trust me, the thing that you dislike about yourself that makes you different, I'm sure if you ask people, that's the thing that they love the most about you.

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