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The data shows us that there were only 19 BIPOC Fortune 500 CEOs in 2020 [3]., BIPOC-owned businesses were more likely to be considered "at-risk" or "distressed" than white-owned businesses prior to the pandemic and this was compounded during COVID-19 [7], and nationally, the number of Black business owners plummeted last year from 1.1 million in February 2020 to 640,000 in April — a 41% loss [6].


Push Strategist™, LLC. has successfully collaborated with and empowered more than 350 government agencies, business owners, and emerging entrepreneurs to develop their vision, strategies and frameworks to advance their goals, mission and growth in an effort to close racial economic inequality gaps and support business growth and advancement within BIPOC communities. 


Our business model is intricately woven and driven by a partnership network of multi-skilled, linguistic, and diverse push strategists. To date, our work has resulted in providing:


BIPOC small business the framework and success to build or expand their business models and support generational wealth


Foreign born professionals with access to careers that will uplift their economic reach


Private and public sector clients with our project management expertise and DEI strategies which are shifting mindsets and changing the face of our workforce to reflect diverse communities


Push Strategist™, LLC prides itself in providing a purpose roadmap to the BIPOC community and organizations over the years with following partners:

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While Push Strategists™, LLC. serves clients globally, Ose Seesay, Founder and CEO, calls Minneapolis home. It is here where there are an increasing number of refugees, immigrants, and people who identify as BIPOC. The share of BIPOC- owned businesses with multiple employees was only 1% and those without employees was 7% in 2018 (most recent data available) in the Greater Twin Cities Metro area [2]. Carson Gorecki—the Northeast Regional Analyst for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)—stated that when these entrepreneurs advocate the need for more BIPOC business owners in the area, their perceptions are accurate [3]. Ultimately, there is a need for more inclusiveness, entrepreneurship, and talent development within this community and Ose works to support local entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to close this gap.

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