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Senior Consultant and Founder Ose Sesay made it her mission to help businesses understand international recruitment better so they don’t shy away from hiring diverse candidates.

She has helped hundreds of people from over 14 countries who are new to the US secure employment (and that’s a pretty big deal).

She is passionate about helping others thrive and uses her experiences and upbringing to push individuals to their purpose as a Consultant, empowering and amplifying diverse voices to promote unique perspectives.


Ose Sesay

As a child of African immigrants, Ose saw threads of business and entrepreneurship from her parents, both business owners in multiple industries.


Ose's Story

As a child of African immigrants, Ose saw threads of business and entrepreneurship from her parents, both business owners in multiple industries. With business being a part of Ose’s genetic makeup, she has a natural passion for turning small ideas into robust projects that generate multiple streams of income.


Her journey began at Johnson C. Smith University where she graduated as Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Upon graduating she joined the competitive Executive Training Program at Target Corporation where she designed and deployed business strategies focused on margin growth.


After leaving Target, Ose enrolled at New York’s LIM College to pursue training in Fashion Merchandising. After which she worked for prominent brands, seizing every opportunity to learn how to be an industry influencer. In 2011 she was able to successfully launch her vision: Ose (Uh-Seh) Vintage Wear. This fashion line catered to the plus-size clothing market and was a huge success, earning a local buzz. She hosted her first pop-up shop in Brooklyn that was so successful it gained media attention and was featured in the local newspaper. Ose then became a global company by taking part in the first ever Plus-Size Fashion Week in London, UK. 

After working with prominent brands and her first clothing line, Ose designed an original product tied to her African Heritage, Own Something Exclusive (O.S.E).  She spent time in Africa in the fall of 2013 where she was compelled to contribute to the community’s socio - economic development. She decided that all garments sold by O.S.E were to be customized and manufactured in Liberia. O.S.E became a brand that received favor with big top blogs such as FashionBombDaily.com, mariedenee.com and Ebony.com. It was during her business adventure in Africa that Ose connected with her now Husband, Imran Sesay.


After achieving significant success in the Fashion Industry in New York and globally, Ose decided to move back into the corporate sector because she was passionate about Human Capital.  Ose was introduced to the world of Career Development and became a Director of Recruitment, running a high-profit division placing international employees from around the world in employment opportunities around the United States. Her personalized approach brought her major success and she began to consult HR managers, company presidents, and vice-presidents, associates, healthcare facilities, universities and students as a subject matter expert. 


Ose has extended her brand in the area of consulting by launching Push Strategist LLC, a firm that thrusts professionals into their purpose— and turns ideas into a profit generating business. She resides in Minneapolis, MN with her twins and Husband.


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