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Let people be people.....

This week I had an experience that reminded me exactly why a mentor of mine told me “ Let people be people”. On the journey to purpose you will have had the opportunity to meet many different people who will help you grow professionally, personally and in character. Let's just say, from my encounter, I was able to learn a lot about exhibiting great character and patience! You may not always be best friends with the people you work with, but patience & great character is key. There is power in talking less and listening more. Typically this is hard for your Push Strategist! Why? Because I love to talk and share! However, it is something I have been asking God to help me with and there are major benefits, especially when navigating difficult relationships and people.

I will say the gift of listening is that you learn quickly where people are struggling and where you may need to compromise. I was able to take away from this encounter a strong sense of insecurity and trust issues coming from the other party. From there, I knew that doing business would be a challenge and had to assess if it would be the best move for my company. The opportunity seemed so good and so fitting, but in business and in life, everything that looks good isn't always good.

As human beings, we tend to always blame others and cut others off without really taking time to assess from a "non emotional" point of view. As much as I wasn't able to see anything coming out of this encounter, by listening and understanding the other party, I was able to learn more about myself, the value of listening and ways to compromise to get the job done. And it is these encounters that help us grow and mature as business owners and people going after purpose!

Where have you not aligned with people recently? Have you attempted to take the higher road and see if compromise is an option? People will be people, but you can find ways to navigate, listen and come out successful in the end!

For more on this, go to our podcast Push Talks Podcast on Apply Podcast and listen to episode "Character is key"

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