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Harboring Feelings

As people going towards our purpose and just in life, we’re going to meet individuals and encounter things that people will do to us that are wrong, especially when it comes to where we spend a lot of our time, at work.

There are people who come along in life that just get under your skin (can I get an amen!) and there are people who honestly have no idea and lack the self-awareness to understand who they are. When you harbor feelings borne from frustration or unforgiveness, it really hinders you from getting to your purpose. You should always want to have a pure heart and a pure mind because if you don't, it doesn't give you that creative space to think and flow. You always have this thing in the back of your head hindering how far you can go or how far you can get because you're worried about the what-ifs or allowed someone to take your joy and peace. You start to put yourself and your creativity in the box, which hinders your business and your career growth.

When you're harboring feelings, when you don't let things go, when you have a fence or unforgiveness, lies start to build in your head, and you start to build all these storylines that can pour into other relationships. You go on defense or build boundaries for new relationships that come along after a bad encounter with someone else and those new relationships could be a destiny helper! You start to hinder yourself, hinder relationships, hinder the way you do things; self-sabotage, in a sense. And then before you know it that person, who did something to you or you’re losing sleep at night for, has moved on to living a good life, not thinking about you while you here holding yourself back.

Let's stop harboring feelings that are not beneficial for us. Let's have feelings in our hearts of love, joy, peace, goodness, focus, entrepreneurial spirit, drive, ambition, and walk in the fruits of the spirit. As the word of God says, ‘having a fruit of the spirit’, meaning, all the ways of life that you want to live that are positive and loving and take you to the next level (Galatians 5:22). That's how we have to be as people going after purpose.

Remember, these situations come to help make us better leaders, make us stronger and better for the future, and help us continue down our path of perseverance to make changes in our lives and for our future generations.

If you need help figuring out whatever situation have you stuck in, hey, I'm your Push Strategist, come and chat with me!

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