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The Five “Excuses” That Stop Us From Getting Into Our Purpose - Pt 2

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

“The fears we don’t face become our limits.”- Robin Sharma

Fear is one of the five reasons people do not walk into their purpose.

Fear knows how to lie dormant. It sneaks up inside of us right as we are ready to make a move and paralyzes many from not starting what we need to do to reach our purpose. Fear builds a false reality to make you look at yourself as not worthy, not capable and it's just such a false reality from the truth.

Many times, so many of us are so talented and gifted and have everything we need to take the first step but we allow fear to creep in and tell us “why would anybody want to hear what we have to say?” “ Why would anybody want to see what you have to offer?”

Fear gets the best of us; we cannot allow that to keep us from our purpose.

When I walked into starting my first business in 2013, fear tried to creep up many times. I just had to say, look, I'm going to do it. People need to hear my voice. People need to know what I do. I want to solve a problem.

You have to step out. You never know how successful you're going to be until you try. People think because things may have not gone the way they desired on the first try, they will never be successful. However, the learnings from things not panning out is so valuable. It helps us to learn that life is not always a bed of roses and those experiences help us stay humble, have a comeback that's even greater and we are able to impact the world with our gifts.

So you have to push past fear. It is a lie; it is not your friend. And you have to make sure you do not make those false realities your reality. The great thing in all of this though is when you're afraid and you have that fear to step out, you have to have that positive affirmation, that positivity cheerleader in Push Strategist LLC that will help you take that step. I am here to help push you toward success.

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