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The Five “Excuses” That Stop Us From Getting Into Our Purpose - Pt 4

Never be afraid of not knowing. Find out.-Lauren Hill

Doubt and not knowing where to start.

Doubt tries to hinder you. It makes you second guess yourself. It usually tries to creep in as you're going along on your journey to push yourself and get your business or your career going or whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. It tries to creep in and hinder you to freeze on the progression of that good thing you're doing towards your purpose. Be wise and mindful! When you're starting your new journey, stay around positivity; stay around things that are going to encourage you. A mentor, a business coach, whatever it is, stay around positivity and positive friends; all those things play a really big part in helping you push past doubt.

A lot of people tell me doubt comes from a place of insecurity and it's true. For example, there may be other designers that exist out there and you want to start your own fashion brand. The insecurity of yourself and your abilities makes you doubt your success. But remember, you may make a similar type of clothing but what makes your brand different is you. None of us are made the same. None of us are identical so don't let doubt lie to you.

Never allow someone else’s success to hinder you. It should motivate you. As you think positively, and you encourage and wish well for somebody else, that's when doors opened for you.

Now you are wondering “I do not know where to start”. But guess what? You are already a step ahead because you have me. I'm here to help. Your network is key! And there is not only me but there are just so many people and resources out there. Just find legitimate resources that even your local library can provide you if you take the time to invest in that time. The fact that you are here, you're reading this, and coming up with a concept and understanding about what stops you from purpose, you're already taking the first steps.

It's the small steps that get us to our purpose. Taking a small step one day at a time means you're already on that path. So you may not think you know where to start, but you're already starting. And one thing that is really important to me, and I always say this to those starting: making sure that you have a clear concept of your idea and way to start.

What is your business or this opportunity that you want to pursue? What makes you unique that you will be a great fit for that role or industry? Being able to really sell, not only to people but first to yourself what sets you apart by coming up with creative content and concepts and ideas, That's the simple way of starting to have a plan and walking into your purpose.

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