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The One Percent

My marketing manager and I were brainstorming and we were focused on the target market, your audience, and all those fun things with marketing. And during that time, I said to her, for me, my target market is if I just capture one person and I'm able to get that one person to focus on their goals, focus on their purpose, help them, and coach them towards that, that makes me feel good. Anything else that comes along after that, I am grateful.

In reality, we all want to reach as many people as we can with our business; it is what sustains us and keeps us. But for me, I want to change people's lives and that's what coaches do. We coach people, we train them, we change their lives, we help them walk out their purpose and then we keep going and we're always there as a resource.

So the funny thing is, when I talked to my marketing manager, she said, “Let's say you just captured 1% of the world's population, do you know how many people that is?”

I sat back and said, “You know, I never thought about that.”

She Googled it and it came back to 78 million people. Can you imagine, 78 million people? We talked about that a little bit and I thought more and more about it.

As people who are just in life, we want to be on platforms. We want the world to know us, we want the world to see us, and I want that for everybody. I want everybody to be successful but at the end of the day, we sometimes don't get to that level. But look at how effective just reaching 1% of the world's population, 1% of your country can be. Look at how influential that can be, how many lives you can touch. It made me realize to be comfortable with my niche market, whoever I'm called to that demographic because even in that could be so much success just targeting your 1%.

I think it's important to hear that too as people going after our purpose because sometimes we try to reinvent ourselves, we try to recreate ourselves to what the masters are doing. And it's okay to be who you are, even if it's contrary to what the masters are doing because there are still people out there for you. I want you to understand that as people starting our businesses, as people setting career goals to impact their companies, impact the places they work, impact the world, know that it's also okay to set smaller goals. Don't be uncomfortable with saying, I really want to reach this niche audience because you are still able to impact so many lives.

You'll be surprised at how word of mouth spreads, how you can grow, and how you can open doors for yourself for new opportunities, jobs, and companies just from how you impact the world around you, just from the work you produce. If you're in a job and in an environment where you're not appreciated and impacting your environment and not seeing change, then maybe it's time to consider moving somewhere where you will be appreciated.

But with all that being said, it's okay to go after just your 1% because that 1% is much larger when you look at it in a bigger scope.

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