Online Training Courses

By utilizing our latest communication technology, Push Strategist offers a flexible solution to creating value for your business: online courses! You will experience group interactions with our strategist who will provide you the best "PUSH plan" to launch or restart your business.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

We coach from the inside out. With a focus on personal development, we ensure our entrepreneurs create the habits for success THEN we focus on specific strategies for the business. You are your brand, build habits that will allow your business to have longevity. After we determine your "PUSH plan" and you start to implement the changes, we are here for you every step of the way. Each strategist is readily available for any business coaching needs. Let us help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey today!

Career Coaching

Our Push Strategists treat your career as a business. We identify and reach the goals that will not only help you change your career, but help you to change your life. We are bringing international candidates one step closer to establishing their careers in the United States. With years of experience in obtaining temporary working, permanent working, and even student visas, we understand that the process can be complicated and frustrating. Trust in our expertise and our passion for guiding YOU to the many opportunities offered in America.

International Business Consulting

Cultural competency is key in our global economy. Where does someone start when looking to make connections across different cultures? You can start by connecting with our strategist Ose Sesay and let her open that door for you!


We equip you with the interpersonal skills you need to succeed in globalization. Book a consultation with Ose today!

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