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Can I Work Too Hard When Pursuing My Purpose?

I always set goals for myself and I have always spoken about setting goals and going towards your purpose, planning, and so forth on. But one part of my goal is by the time I get to age 40 to be done working on somebody else's schedule; definitely working with other businesses and companies, but not on anybody's schedule. Those goals are important to me. I've been blessed throughout my life that God has allowed me to really set goals for myself and I've seen them come to pass with his grace.

I believe I'm one of those people who, when I have a goal, I'm going to put my efforts towards it, making sure I'm doing it in a healthy way - making sure that I keep in account all the other responsibilities I have and have a balance while doing it.

It's something I learned because back in my earlier days when I was focused on something, I would be focused on that one thing and that's it; I'm going at it, every day, nonstop. Now my life is different. I have beautiful daughters, I have a husband who I love, a family whom I love to be around, and friendships that I want to make sure that I stay in touch with. I have finally found a balance. I think that's a big piece of it, making sure that if you are pursuing purpose, and finding balance with it helps you not to work too hard.

Personally, I don’t feel you can work too hard if you do it the right way. It is a historical fact that you have to put in the work to get results. Success doesn't come overnight. I think that in the culture that we live in, especially here in the western world, we want everything instantly and I think it's that mindset that really kind of holds people back from getting to their purpose. I strongly believe that putting in the work helps to build your stamina and character, but most importantly, it's just facts.

Working hard does not always mean you have to physically drain yourself. It's working smart and being diligent. Also, when you're in the season of your life for greatness to be birthed, it means that you may have to put in work for that season and you end up working hard now to be able to relax and live life as you want to later. I want you guys to reach your purpose and part of that is putting in the work.

So I guess that answers the question: Can I work too hard while pursuing Purpose? For me? No. Working hard is preparing yourself to not drain yourself, but working smart, coming up with plans, and being diligent while pursuing purpose.


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