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Living & Working In The US (as a new American...this is for you!)

If you're not aware, I did a great stint of time working with international professional candidates, bringing them to work and live in the US through visa sponsorship, and that's what I do for my consulting business. I help push people, not only in their businesses but also in their careers.

Being able to work with people around the world is so exciting. I support others to do what they're called to and it is just so fulfilling.

It’s incredibly important to have someone guide you through the career process. Why? As a New American, there is a lot that you are already trying to navigate. Something as important as a career can make or break your success while building a new life for yourself.

You want to make sure you find something that 1) Is a desire (do not just take a job only for the money, burnout is real, and you will not be in purpose, thus not be satisfied) 2) Has a great job scope (it is important if you are stepping into a new opportunity, that the outlook of the industry is worth the time and money that you're investing 3) Be open to exploring! Many New Americans come with an idea in their head of the “perfect career” based on what someone told them, they saw somewhere, or even based on the success of the career in which they immigrated from. Be open-minded.

Are you in this space and want to hear more about how to transition successfully? I spoke in depth about this on my podcast (push talk podcast, click here) with Ansari. She was new to the states and actually came with her spouse who had a job and she had to discover what could work for her. Now a mom, in a successful career, learn more about her journey.

Do you need a push? Reach out to me😀👋🏾


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