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Interview Tips to land the job with HR Manager- Vania Jackson

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

You can't go wrong knowing how to sell and pitch yourself. We have many partners who help support Push to ensure we are leading and guiding our new leaders of color with the skills they need to succeed. We had the opportunity to sit with Vania Jackson and HR Generalist, who shared a few tips to help us present ourselves better in interviews. Here are a few tips from her:

Tip #1

“Even if it's clearly written out on the paper, speak to it and reference your resume. Make sure that you have a good knowledge of what's on your resume”.

Tip #2

Don't assume that the hiring manager or the HR person has already looked at your resume thoroughly because a lot of times, they just don't have the time to do that until the actual interview.

Tip #3

Start searching on LinkedIn because that's social media, and that's on the professional side. That's the best place to start. You literally can go and find an organization, find all of the people that work at that organization, and you can make a connection with them.

Tip #4

Make sure that you do research the company before going into the interview. Understand who is their customer base is and their clients are. Make sure you look up some benefits and the company culture because just as they are interviewing you, you are interviewing them.

Tip #5

Look up common interview questions, depending on the field that you're in, and that will kind of help you understand what some interview questions that come up during a typical interview in that field are.

Tip #6

Go over your answers, go over your responses. Think about things like, what are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What are my areas for improvement? How do I practice self-development? HR managers won't necessarily ask you in that way, but you'll have to speak to them at some point in the interview.”

For more great insight on interview skills check out our podcast Push Talks Podcast and watch Vania's entire interview!

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