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The Five "Excuses" That Stop Us From Getting Into Our Purpose -Pt. 1

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

"99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making an excuse."-George Washington Carver

There are 5 reasons or excuses that stop us from walking in our purpose, and the first is Time.

We do get held up in life but at the end of the day, if you sit back and evaluate your time and track what you're doing, you’ll realize how much of that time can be put towards your purpose. How many false things are you telling yourself that you don't have time for, that you do?

It just maybe you are not managing your time wisely my friends. I know this because I have been there and it not only affected my physical body through burnout but others as well when I had to cancel meetings, and ask for more time to meet with those I love and cherish. I took a good look in the mirror and did not want the integrity I have built through my character to be affected because I could not manage my time.

Am I perfect now? Nope! No one is perfect, especially as a mommy who has various people counting on me being there and saving the day, but I am here to help push you to be better along with me and even plan our time for the unexpected!

It's important that you not only spend your time wisely but spend it doing positive things because it impacts you. You cannot produce the greatness that you have inside for the world if you're taking in so many negative things through your ear gate (what you're listening) and your eye gate (what you're looking at). It holds you back, It doesn't build you up and it certainly doesn't encourage you. You want to be encouraged. You want to be inspired.

I want us to focus on managing our time. I want us to set a goal together today. I want you to start today, document what you're spending your time on, how you're spending it, and see where you can change things that you're doing to give you time to walk in your purpose.

Life does bring a lot of things that can derail us, but choose to stay on course, keep pushing, and manage your time wisely! You can achieve your personal, career, and business goals!

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